GERMAN PRESS DAYS 2017: Thanks to all editors and guests for visiting us - it was great to see you! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY SELFNATION: It was great celebrating 3 years with you in Zurich. Thanks to everyone for joining us!

Photo Credits: Andrea Monica Hug

GERMAN PRESS DAYS 2016: Thanks to all editors and guests for visiting us - it was great to see you! 

BLACK IS THE ATTITUDE OF NO ATTITUDE - It was awesome hosting the ITEM M6 BLACK Launch Event at Musikbrauerei Berlin!

                                     Photo Credits: Bastian Harting 



BERLIN ART WEEK: What a great opening of the exhibition of Anne Gorke's BAUHAUS MADE - SS17 & Edition 1! Thank you for being part of it!

                          Photo Credits: Ina Niehoff

HEAD & HEART Studio Collection - Our first jewelry collection with Stadtelster is now available at the Head & Heart Online Store!


 Thank you so much for partying with us. It was a blast!  

                                                                                             Photo Credits: Christian Rothe

A little teaser for the event today at the HEAD&HEART STORE! We are excited and happy to welcome the team of ZUKKER & ANNE GORKE at our BBQ event tonight. ‪#‎wecrewyou‬

The founder and owner of Head&Heart talks about the Berlin market in the new edition of the magazine. 

PS: Our event tomorrow is also listed online. Visit ->…/Was-Wann-Wo-in-Berlin-Part…


                                                                                         Thanks Grazia for this amazing night. It was a blast.


A fashion show could not live without the backstage-preparation, that's for sure. It's the place, where the magic happens - or better: the show before the show. To see all these beautiful girls in the enchanting evening gowns and elegant designs by Tulpen Design in contrast to the simple backstage setting - that is quite an impressive picture. We enjoyed it all very much and hope so do you by looking at these photographs by Theresia Koch. 



Red exotic prints, dancing and laughing models, thousands of goodie bags, girls wearing a sweater with the designer's logo, relaxed hair and makeup artists and a cool, cheerful designer with a lovely baby bump - yes, that sounds like a ANNE GORKE backstage-situation. Luckily some of these unique moments were masterfully captured on camera by Ina Niehoff . Definitely a show to remember.



Have you ever wonder what lies behind the runway show? Welcome to the BACKSTAGE world of the ZUKKER fashion show AW16/17 "BERGWERTUNG" on the 21st January! Here is the place where the magic happens. It's not only about hair, makeup and outfit - it's more about the atmosphere, the tension before the show, the mix of languages spoken by the international models and the moment when the stage lights go on. Thanks to Theresia Koch for taking these impressive pictures!



"Mirror, mirror on the wall - who is the fairest of them all?" 
Our designers are currently choosing all the beauties for their fashion show. We can say that it is really hard to decide between sweet, lovely, unique, pretty, awesome, delicate,.... Don't you think that every girl is beautiful in her own way? However, we all will see their decision on the runway. Stay exited! 



Thank you, Closer for naming our Head&Heart Online Shop 'The shopping highlight of the week'. Lots of exclusive designer wear and enchanting jewelry is waiting for you at We wish you all a happy new outfit! „heart“-Emoticon


Did you notice ? - COPPER is the new gold. This warm metal combined with a dark grey seems just too perfect for this cool BLOUSE by Barre Noire. Here it is, your fashion statement of the month. Just wear it with a pokerface and you'll be fine (and stylish of course).



Get an exclusive look into the exciting and intimate backstage world of Berlin Fashion Week. These pictures were shot shortly before the BARRE NOIRE AUTUMN/ WINTER 2015/16 RUNWAY SHOW in Summer 2015. The finishing touches of make-up, the smell of hairspray, the happiness mixed with fear, the empty runway-room before the show -  this is pure backstage-magic, before it says : MUSIC, LIGHTS, MODELS... GO !!! 



                                        Nope, it's not an ad for a new cat-woman movie, sorry. But THE attitude is definitely 



Lately the beautiful Nina Suess stopped by at our store and snatched this amazing PAGODA ONE JACKET by MOTHERWOW We think that


                                           she looked absolutely stunning in this tailoring, black piece - honestly, it's a KILLER!